Raycee and David’s wedding on May 5th was such a unique and special one! The lovely couple actually resides all the way on the other side of the United States, in Maine. But since their families live in California, they held their wedding at the bride’s mother’s gorgeous estate in Newcastle. This was a fusion-style wedding with traditonal Chinese and American customs combined. We are so excited to share with you how this all unfolded!

The day started out with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. In Chinese culture, the custom of a tea ceremony is highly-treasured tradition. Both the bride and groom serve Chinese black tea in a gaiwan (similar to a tea pot) to both sides of the parents. This tradition unites the bride and grooms family, where members of both families become relatives of each other. Raycee and David’s parents sat as each the bride and groom took their turns serving them a cup of tea. This ceremony was small and intimate, and was witnessed by the bride and groom’s immediate family members.

As the day continued, guests started to arrive for the traditional American wedding ceremony. As guest arrived, they visited the the sign in table, where a red cloth was laid out for the guests to sign, similar to a guest book. From there, the guests took photos with the bride and groom, then continued on to the wedding tent. Even though the remainder of the day followed a more Americanized style of wedding, Raycee and David chose Chinese-style decorations for the ceremony and reception and it was absolutely spectacular! The colors for the wedding were red, black, and gold. And these colors were found in every detail of the wedding. Red and gold paper lanterns hung from trees along the pathway to the wedding tent. The tent was white and had elegant red swags draped from the peaks of the ceiling out to the corners and down to the ground. Gold and white pom pom balls hung from the center of the ceiling. Two crystal chandeliers also hung from the ceiling, one on each side of the pom pom balls, which really gave the setup a very elegant touch. The tables were set with red table cloths, white china, gold napkins, and gold chiavari chairs.  The bar menu, seating chart, and table number signs all complimented the Chinese theme and color scheme.  It was a gorgeous set up!

Raycee’s aunt had the honor of officiating their wedding.  This was such a sweet detail that truly made their ceremony special.  The bride and groom had joy beaming from their faces as they became husband and wife.  They exchanged their rings and shared a magical kiss.   Raycee wore a red Chinese qipao for the wedding ceremony.  

After the ceremony, Raycee and David took photos together as a newlywed married couple!  The light from the setting sun and the surrounding property made for gorgeous photos and a fun shoot.  They chose to take some photos by an old truck and barn.  The rustic style of the phiotos turned out to be AMAZING.

Shortly after sunset, the wedding reception started.  For dinner, Raycee and David served their guests a Chinese feast which included fish belly soup, roasted peking duck, singapore chili crab, braised port belly, shanghai scallops and shrimp, chicken chow mein, and fried rice.  The dinner service was catered by Hannibal’s and was delicious.  As the guest finished eating dinner, the couple was toasted by several of their close friends and family members.   The toasting section of the reception was completed with a special thank you speech from the bride and groom.   After toasts, came the first dance, which was appropriately to the song”Lady in Red”.   Everyone was so happy watching them together.   After the guests had some time to dance, it was time to cut the cake.  The cake, from Divine Desserts, was a beautiful sight to see!  It was a white three-tiered cake featuring Chinese cherry blossom details.  The intricate details of the flowers were astounding.  The bride and groom cut the cake and fed each other a delicious bite.  As the evening came to an end and the guests left the wedding, they each received Chinese style favor boxes with a chocolate treat inside.

Raycee and David truly captured each tradition in such a unique, fun, and beautiful way.  We are so happy for the newly married couple!  As a wedding planner, it brings such joy to our hearts to be part of such special days.  Thank you Raycee and David for involving us in your big day!  We wish you the best and many happy years together!