Today’s blog post was written by Emily Wilke, the Owner and Designer of Style Avenue Studios. Style Avenue Studios is located near Elk Grove, CA and creates beautiful custom and handmade jewelry and accessories for brides and the bridal party. Today she will be showing us how her custom-made jewelry will make planning your bridal style or shopping for wedding party gifts much easier. 

How exciting! You are planning your wedding and now you might be realizing it is a huge project. It is, but it’s also such a great experience. I have run into lots of married women lately that tell me they wish they had me around when they were planning their wedding.

It usually has to do with not finding what they really wanted, not being comfortable accessorizing themselves, or just realizing what a cool thing it is to have something custom made that they can wear again after the wedding.   So I wanted to give you the 4 ways I think custom jewelry will benefit you!

1. Get the exact look you want without searching
You might have a specific look you are going for, or a theme you want to bring to life.  Or maybe you just want to look like the best version of yourself on your big day. Either way, I can create something unique for you so that you get what you want with little effort on your part.

2. Advice on how to best accessorize your dress
This is a huge day for you. I talk to many brides who aren’t that comfortable even accessorizing their day-to-day outfits. So when it comes to picking out the accessories that will be photographed and looked at for years to come, it can be a little daunting. Don’t let this stop you! Jewelry is a great way to give you that finished looked without stealing the show. I can help you choose the right style, materials, and items to pull your ideal bridal look together. In the end, it will give your photos those extra details and you will be happy!

3. Get your bridal party gifts all in one place and beautifully packaged
Save yourself some time and headaches by creating custom jewelry items for your bridesmaids, moms, and any other ladies in your bridal party. No matter what they are wearing, we can design the perfect items to fit your budget and give them something unique. If they are wearing different styles, I can create different pieces to match using the same materials to give you a cohesive look. Or what if they are in an ombre color scheme? No problem! Once you decide on the jewelry you desire, it will come wrapped up with a poem and personalized with their names. It is a special gift package and saves you from any extra wrapping!

4. Have your jewelry and hair accessories ready for your fitting and hair trial
If you can book your consultation with me 4 months prior to your wedding day, I will to have your jewelry, hair accessories, and/or bridal belt to you in time for your fitting and hair trial. This will give you the first look at everything together and, if needed, us time to make any small changes while adding zero stress!

Emily Wilke
Style Avenue Studios

Emily’s Bio
Owner and Designer of Style Avenue Studios, Emily creates drool-worthy jewelry for brides and bridesmaids. She strives to make her brides’ ideal look complete with custom jewelry and hair accessories designed for the dress. Emily listens to her clients’ wants and desires, then creates the jewelry to add the perfect finishing touch and make them feel like the most beautiful version of themselves. “Every bride deserves a personalized memento from her wedding day. What better than something she can wear again for every anniversary!”

If you are interested in custom handmade jewelry for your wedding day style or gifts for your bridal party, you can get more info about Style Avenue Studios at, or follow on Facebook or Instagram.