Minimalist Wedding Style

The Minimalist Wedding style is really in right now! With this trend, you’re going to find a lot of simple decor. This trend has a lot of white with just very little touches of greenery and decor. Minimalism takes us back to the basics of life, the natural aspects. This trend’s statement helps to remind us that joy and beauty are found in the simple things. If you want to see more gorgeous ideas, check out our Pinterest board for Minimalist Wedding Styles!

greenery place setting
vase with simple flowers
minimalist wedding

Copper – The “In” Metal

Of course gold and silver have always been the go to metal for weddings in the past, but copper is taking its turn in the spotlight this year! The Knot says, “The best part is, this metal meshes well with any wedding style: Polished copper can look glamorous and elegant, but matte or aged copper accents lend a rustic or vintage feel.” We couldn’t agree more! This is one trend this year you can NOT miss out on! We have even more great ideas on our Pinterest board

copper lanterns
copper cup

Dark Wedding Cakes

Dark wedding cakes??? YES you heard us right! We love the traditional white wedding cake, but if you’re looking to add some flair, edge, and even some classy touch to your wedding…. look no further! The dark wedding cake trend is an awesome option this year! Check out our Pinterest board for more dark cakes!

cark wedding cake

Pampas Grass

We seriously love this pampas grass trend! Use pampas grass for any type of wedding, whether its an upscale, elegant wedding, or if you’re having a laid-back, boho wedding. Use it instead of  greenery to soften the feel, or use little hints of it for just a little touch!  Our Pinterest board is full of every type of idea to add this beautiful grass into your wedding!

pampas grass
pampas grass

Grazing Tables

Okay, this is such a fun and yummy trend! This is surely the way to a foodie’s heart. Fill your tables with all sorts of snacks. We mean anything. Dips, chips, breads, fruit, nuts, cheese, deli meats, desserts. Grazing tables are large-scale charcuterie boards! What can be better than that! To see these humongous spreads head to our Pinterest board!

charcuterie board
grazing table