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So I Hear You’re Getting Married!

Ready to create a wedding that’s authentically YOU? 

You’re in the right place. As Sacramento’s wedding planner for super-fun couples, we’ve got the right mix of services to make your dreams come true.

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Happily Ever After

Full Wedding Planning Service And Design

You’re one-of-a-kind and your wedding should be too. You also want this process to be a piece of (buttercream) cake. Whether you’re pressed for time, stressed out, or just totally lost, you want an expert to bring your vision to life.

This is our jam! As our signature service, you get the whole kit n’ caboodle. We’ll brainstorm a concept that’s 100% YOU and plan, manage and execute the details. You’ll have everything covered so the planning is done, the process is easy, and your wedding is perfect.

Here’s How It Works:

Let that stress melt away! With a wedding planning powerhouse on your side, you’ll get to kick back, relax, and enjoy your wedding.

This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget. From this point, we do it all, including (but not limited to):

  • Consultation and meetings to discuss your ideas, establish goals and define your creative vision
  • Developing a fully constructed, customized wedding design based on your style, taste and preferences (want a gamer’s dream wedding? Steampunk? Bicycles? You got it!)
  • Assisting you with every part of the planning process, from budget development, finding high-quality vendors, scheduling and more
  • Creating a customized budget, task list, and schedule– you don’t have to lift a finger
  • Full wedding management so you just have to show up and say ‘I do’ in your dream wedding
  • Negotiating and selecting the best Sacramento vendors so you and your guests get world-class service and amenities
  • Sourcing the perfect venue(s) to match the custom wedding design that expresses you authentically
    And so much more!

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Our Couples Are More ‘You Do You’

Than ‘Something Borrowed, Something Blue’

Made In Heaven Wedding Planning

Need a helping hand to plan your wedding? That’s why we’re here! If you want to make your wedding planning simple, fun, and drama-free, we’ll guide you through.

Perfect for couples who need a little guidance or those who want to start strong, our Made In Heaven Wedding Planning Service will kick stress to the curb! We make sure every detail is handled so your wedding is seamless, stunning, and all about you. 

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Here’s How It Works:

Great wedding planning is more than checking off a task list. As soon as the contract is signed, we get to work so your wedding is everything you’ve ever imagined.

With our wedding planning, you’ll enjoy:

  •  An initial consultation to establish goals and define your vision
  • Monthly check-ins to offer advice, assist with decision-making, and keep everything on track
  • Assistance with the planning process, from budget development, sourcing the perfect venue, finding high-quality vendors, scheduling, and more
  • A customized budget, task list, and schedule– no guesswork here!
  • Assistance with negotiating and selecting the best Sacramento vendors so you and your guests get world-class service and amenities
  • And so much more!

Waves Of Happiness Caribbean Weddings

Sun, surf, and true love! What could be more romantic than saying your vows on the beach? With white-hot sand, blazing blue water, and luxury amenities, it’s a dreamy way to say ‘I do’!

But planning a wedding when you’re thousands of miles away isn’t easy. Wedding planning is hard enough– and when you can’t see the decor, flowers, accommodations, or venue, it becomes nearly impossible!

That’s why, as a Certified Sandals Specialist, and through the Association of Bridal Consultants, we’ll help you sneak off to paradise for the wedding of your dreams in the Caribbean– and make the process simple. Just pack your bags, grab your veil, and get hitched!

As your Sandals Insider, we’ll coordinate your destination Caribbean wedding so you’ll enjoy:

  • 5-star luxury accommodations and amenities so you and your guests are pampered in style
  • Custom wedding options like venue, decor, flowers, menu, makeup, and more, so your destination wedding is totally YOU (no cookie-cutter packages!)
  • Preparation of your marriage documents to make the process easy-breezy and 100% stress-free
  • Surprise goodies for the Bride & Groom like discounted spa services and signature cocktails
  • Lovebird touches like chilled bottles of wine and fresh-cut flowers so you feel like royalty
  • And tons more!

Wedded Bliss Wedding Management

Our Wedding Management Service is the gateway to a stress-free wedding. From the time of booking, we are there to support you in your planning efforts. Then we work closely with you in the final months leading up to the wedding to ensure your wedding day is set up for success. And on the wedding day, every detail from start to finish is managed, so your wedding is flawless.

Here’s How It Works:

Starting from the time of booking, we help you get your wedding day set up for success by:

  • Offering unlimited email communication to provide guidance and answer your questions so you are able to avoid common planning pitfalls and see potential problem areas early on.
  • Providing you with a Recommended Vendors List to help you find reputable and high-quality wedding vendors (don’t take chances!)– this saves you time, money and stress so you can enjoy your wedding as the guest of honor.
  • Giving you access to our state-of-the-art wedding planning software, Aisle Planner, which keeps you organized, on budget, on schedule, and creates a secure place to keep your important documents.

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We’ll also make the process simple by:

  • Confirming all necessary details with vendors, including arrival and/or delivery times, setup requirements, and song selections. Those final weeks before the wedding will be a cinch!
  • Communicating, confirming, and providing your wedding vendor team with copies of the timeline, floor plan, and vendor contact list. Everyone will be on the same page and focused on your wishes.
  • Assisting, directing, and troubleshooting the entire event, from the night of the rehearsal to the end of the wedding day, so you can kick back, relax, and have a blast with your closest friends and family. Let’s toast!


**Because our events are entirely unique, our proposals are based on multiple factors like size, scale and logistics of your event. Please inquire for a custom quote.**

Day-Of-Wedding Coordination


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Find out here why day-of wedding coordination is a myth. It’s a must-see!

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