It’s the last week before your wedding.   Congratulations, you’ve made it to the home stretch!    But if you are like most brides, you may be feeling a little stressed out.   There are lots of people to check in with and last-minute details to confirm.   But don’t worry, I am here to make this time easier for you!   That’s why I’ve been sharing tips and strategies all month to help you prepare for your wedding day.   Earlier this month, I shared How to Create A Wedding Day Timeline and How To Put Together A Wedding Day Emergency Kit.   And today, I’m going to talk about what things you should do the week before your wedding.   The tips I share with you today will make that last week a cinch!.

The week before your wedding can be very hectic.   Especially if you don’t have a plan.  In just a moment, I’m going to talk about the 33 things you should do the week before your wedding.   And it’s best you plan on doing as many of these as you can at the beginning of the week.  That way, you are able to relax the final day or two before your wedding.   A lot of brides end up saving these tasks for a day or two before their wedding.  And they end up feeling stressed and tired going into the wedding day.   But I don’t want that for you!  I want you to feel relaxed and happy going into the wedding day.   So, take my advice and try to complete these items earlier in the week if you can.

Things You Should Do The Week Before Your Wedding

Task 1:  Check the Weather Forecast

Start off the week of your wedding by checking the weather forecast.   That way you have time to create a plan for keeping your guests cool and hydrated if it’s going to be really hot.  And you have time to look into getting a tent or moving your event inside if it looks like it’s going to rain.   So you have the most accurate weather info, check the forecast on multiple weather apps.   Now, if you have hired a wedding planner, this task is something they will do for you.  They will have also already discussed a bad weather “Plan B” with you and have started making the arrangements to move forward with Plan B.

weather forecast

Task 2:  Do A Dress-Rehearsal

Try on your wedding gown, undergarments, shoes, veil, and jewelry.   Make sure everything fits well and is comfortable.  And that you are happy with the complete look.   By doing this earlier in the week before your wedding, you’ll have time to make any adjustments needed.

week of your wedding

Task 3:  Break-In Your Wedding Shoes

Wear your shoes around the house for an hour each day the week before your wedding.   Be sure to walk on different surfaces, such as carpet, wood, linoleum, and concrete.   That way your shoes will be broken in and comfortable on the wedding day.

week of your wedding

Task 4:  Take Your Ring In For A Cleaning

Your photographer is most likely going to capture some photos of your ring, or photos of your hands wearing the ring.   And you’ll want your ring to look sparkly and new.   So take it into your jewelers and have it professionally cleaned.

engagement ring

Task 5:  Confirm Last-Minute RSVPs

Chances are you have a few guests who have not gotten back to you on whether or not they will be attending your wedding.  So give them a call and find out.    That way you can ensure you have enough seats and meals for everyone who is attending.  And you’re not having to spend money on a meal for someone who is not attending.


Task 6:  Deliver Your Final Headcount

Once you have confirmed your last-minute RSVPs, you will have your final headcount.  The next step is delivering that headcount to your caterer and your venue.  And if you have a wedding planner, this is a task they can take off your plate!

delivering headcount

Task 7:  Finalize Your Seating Chart

Now that you know who is attending your wedding, you can finalize the seating arrangements.   Make a list of who will be seated at each table and provide that to anyone who will need that information, such as your caterer, your venue, and the person who will be setting up the reception tables.   If you have a wedding planner, they will get the seating chart to everyone who needs it for you.

seating chart

Task 8:  Print Out Place Cards

If you are assigning seats to your guests and will be using place cards at the tables, you will want to print out your place cards earlier in the week.   That way if you experience any printer malfunctions or run out of ink, you have time to find a way to get them printed.   Once they are printed, put them in your box of wedding day items.  Or deliver them to the person who will be setting them out on the wedding day.

week before your wedding

Task 9:  Fill and Deliver Welcome Bags

Many brides create welcome bags for guests who are from out of town.  It is a great way to show your appreciation for them attending your wedding and shows them you are thinking about them.  If you are going to do welcome bags for your out-of-town guests, fill up the bags early in the week of your wedding and deliver them to the hotel in advance.  Many hotels will allow you to drop them off a couple of days early and will deliver them to your guests as they check in to the hotel.

welcome bags

Task 10:  Confirm Details with Your Vendors

Give your wedding vendors a call to confirm what time they will be arriving on the wedding day.  Or if they are making a delivery, such as your wedding cake or flowers, confirm what time they plan to make the delivery.  And be sure to send a copy of your wedding day timeline to any vendors who will be present at your wedding.   If you have a wedding planner, they will have already confirmed arrival and delivery times with your vendors, and provided them with a copy of the timeline.

week of your wedding

Task 11:  Answer Last Minute Emails

Check your email inbox for any emails from wedding guests or vendors and answer any questions they may have.   By getting this done earlier in the week before your wedding, you won’t have to worry about answering questions in between your rehearsal dinner and visiting with family.  And they won’t be waiting on you to give them answers.   Your wedding planner can address the emails from your vendors.  Most likely, your vendors will email the planner directly and you won’t even see emails from them in your inbox.

week of your wedding

Task 12:  Prepare Payments for Your Vendors

Most likely, you will have payments due to some of your vendors the week before your wedding.  So, check through your vendor contracts to see what payments are due and what the due date is.   A wedding planner will make this step easier for you.  They typically review each vendor’s contract and put together a payment schedule for you.

paying vendors

Task 13: Prepare Vendor Tips

If you plan on providing tips to your vendors, prepare them in advance by placing cash in marked envelopes.  That way you are not fumbling through your wallet for cash during the wedding.   And if you have a wedding planner, they can provide suggestions for how much to tip each type of vendor.  And if you like, they can also pass out the tip envelopes on the wedding day so you don’t have to worry about it.

week of your wedding

Task 14:  Submit a Shot List to Your Wedding Photographer

If there are specific shots you want your photographer to capture, send them a list before the wedding day.  That way they know in advance what photos you want and can be sure to capture them on the wedding day for you.

wedding photographer

Task 15:  Submit a Song List to Your Wedding DJ

Create a list with the songs you want to be played for your wedding ceremony and reception and provide it to your DJ a couple of days before the wedding.  That way they can be sure they have the song you want on the wedding day.   And if you have a wedding planner, they will build your song selections into the timeline and provide it to the DJ on your behalf.

wedding music

Task 16:  Finalize Your Post-Wedding Transportation

Whether you are going home, to a hotel, or to an afterparty, have a plan to get there.    This is a detail you won’t want to figure out after a long wedding day.   If you don’t plan on driving yourself, arrange for a ride with someone in your wedding party, or have them request an uber for you about 20 minutes before the end of the reception.

week before your wedding

Task 17:  Prepare Your Wedding Boxes

Put your wedding day items, such as the guest book, toasting flutes, cake cutting set, and décor items boxes.    Be sure to organize them so that like items are packed together.  For example, everything needed for the cake table is packed together in the same box.   And if possible, remove the items from their packaging before putting them in the box.  That way they are ready to go in their place on the wedding day, without having to take additional time to remove them from a box or plastic wrap and peel off price tags.

pack wedding boxes

Task 18:  Deliver the Wedding Boxes

If possible, drop off your wedding boxes at the venue in advance, so you are not having to lug around boxes on your wedding day.   If that is not possible, look into having a friend or family member deliver them to the venue on the wedding day for you, so you don’t have to deal with it.   Your wedding planner can grab these items from you at the rehearsal and bring them on the wedding day for you as well.

delivering boxes

Task 19:  Put Together Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

You never know what’s going to come up on the wedding day, so it’s a good idea to have a small kit of just in case items available.  Some must-have items for your emergency kit are band-aids, a nail file, hair spray, pain relievers, tampons, a small sewing kit, and extra makeup.  For a complete list of items to include in the emergency kit, check out our post How To Put Together A Wedding Day Emergency Kit.   A huge benefit to having a wedding planner is their wedding day emergency kit.  A wedding planner will show up at your wedding with a large emergency kit capable of taking care of a variety of mishaps and anything you, your wedding party, or your guests will need.

emergency kit

Task 20:  Check-in With Your Wedding Party

Follow up with your wedding party to make sure they have picked up their wedding day attire and that everything is good to do.    Also make sure they know the time and location of your wedding rehearsal, as well as what time they are supposed to show up on the wedding day.

groomsmen suits

Task 21:  Confirm Who Plans to Give A Speech

Find out who plans to give a speech at the wedding or rehearsal dinner.    Be sure to let them know the timeframe to expect to speak so that they can feel comfortable and ready.

best man speech

Task 22:  Choose Someone to Grab Gifts and Decorations

Select a trusted person from your wedding party or family to grab the gifts and decorations at the end of the wedding for you.   You may be busy saying goodbye to your guests or heading to your wedding after-party to do this.  So, having someone else to do this will make sure everything makes it home to you.

week before your wedding

Task 23:  Pack for Your Honeymoon

If you are leaving for your honeymoon within two days of your wedding, pack as much as you can the week before your wedding.  That way you don’t have to worry about doing laundry or packing your suitcase the morning after your wedding.

Task 24:  Confirm Your Honeymoon Travel Reservations

If you are traveling for your honeymoon, be sure to double-check your flight times and to confirm your reservations at the hotel and the rental car company.  Also, if you have any activities or dinner reservations, confirm them too.


Task 25:  Confirm Details for Your Rehearsal Dinner

If someone else is hosting the rehearsal dinner, confirm the details with them.   If you are the one hosting the dinner, call the venue or restaurant to confirm your reservation and go over the menu, timings, and any other pertinent information.

week before your wedding

Task 26:  Wrap Up Wedding Party and Family Gifts

If you plan on giving gifts to your wedding party or family during the rehearsal dinner, don’t forget to wrap them up nicely and to include a personalized note with each one.

week of your wedding

Task 27:  Write Your Spouse-To-Be A Love Note

Jot down a couple of sentences for your spouse-to-be to read on the day of the wedding.  This will help him to get excited and be in the right emotional state for the day that is ahead of you both.

wedding day note

Task 28:  Don’t Forget the Wedding License

Bring your wedding license to the rehearsal and give it to your officiant or wedding planner to bring on the wedding day.   And be sure to designate someone to make sure it’s signed properly after the wedding and to keep track of it after it’s signed.   Your wedding planner would be happy to hold on to it for you until the end of the night and can also guide everyone through the signing process.  They will make sure the right people sign it in the right places.  And make sure you have a pen in your wedding day box for signing the license.

week before your wedding

Task 29:  Practice Saying Your Vows

Reading your vows silently to yourself is not the same as saying them out loud.  Sometimes, things read smoothly but when you try to say them out loud it doesn’t quite flow right.   So, practice saying your vows out loud a couple of times so that you are comfortable with the words and how they flow.  For the best results, practice in front of a mirror and speak the words at a slow and steady pace.

week of your wedding

Task 30:  Get A Mani-Pedi

As mentioned previously, your photographer may get some photos of your hands wearing the wedding rings.  And if that is the case, you will want your nails to look good as well.   Try to do this task a day or two before the wedding so that your nails look as fresh as possible.   Plus this task is a luxurious way to pamper yourself and relax a little.   Bonus points if you can get some of your bridesmaids or mother to go with you.


Task 31:  Get Plenty of Rest

There is a lot to do during the week before your wedding and it’s easy to get worn out.  So, if possible, try to get to bed a little earlier then normal this week.  That way you will feel well-rested on your wedding day.


Task 32:  Drink Plenty of Water

Do you best to stay hydrated this week.   Not only will it help make your skin look beautiful on the wedding day, it will also help to keep you energized so you can complete everything that needs to be done.

Task 33:  Take Time to Relax

It will take some time do complete all the tasks you need to do the week before your wedding, but try to take some time for yourself and relax.  This could be just spending some quiet time with your spouse-to-be, spending a half-hour doing some yoga stretches, or just a walk around the block.   This is important because you can’t take care of everything for the wedding if you are not taking care of yourself.


Feeling A Little Overwhelmed About the Things You Should Do The Week Before Your Wedding?

That’s totally understandable!   This isn’t a short list of tasks.  And since every wedding is unique and needs different things, you may have other tasks to complete in addition to these.   So, if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner to help.   Throughout this post, I mentioned quite a few tasks that a wedding planner can help you with or completely take off your plate.   And one of my favorite things about being a wedding planner is making everything easier and less stressful for brides.   So if you would like some help with completing some planning tasks the week before your wedding, I’d love to help you out!   Click here to view our wedding planning services.   Or if you would like to hop on a call and talk about your options, you can schedule a time here.

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