Where do you plan on keeping your wedding photos? They can’t just end up in your social media accounts since the internet tends to ruin the quality of any professional shot. It’s better if you arrange them neatly in a wedding photobook album.  That way you can revisit them every once in a while to relive the cherished moments of your big day.

Photobooks are a mix of magazines and traditional photo albums, similar to coffee table books. You can put your wedding pictures on these albums and personalize them, cover and everything.  It’s like having your own professionally made wedding magazine!  What’s more, their prints last a lifetime, so you can look back on your memories even if 60 years have passed. 

However, creating a wedding photobook album can be a daunting task.  Especially when you have no experience in layout design. So, to help you out, here are 5 awesome hacks for organizing pictures in your wedding photobook album.

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Eliminate the Bad Photos at Once

The most arduous task in creating a wedding photobook album is going through all your wedding photos and selecting the best ones for the album. It’s a big event, so you’ll probably have hundreds of them. The first thing you should do is eliminate the bad pictures outright.   Get rid of any blurry ones, duplicates, and those that aren’t well-cropped. If you’ve hired a professional photographer for your nuptials, this task will be a lot easier since sorting through the images is already part of their job.

Narrow the numbers down further by taking out the similar pictures. If you have 10 photos of the same thing, like walking down the aisle, or reciting your wedding vows, just pick one from the set.

Limit the Number of Pictures Per Theme or Wedding Moment

The next thing you should do is to set a cap for the number of photos for each part of the wedding. For example, choose a dozen images from your pre-wedding shoot, 20 from the ceremony, and 10 from the reception. The numbers will depend on how big your photo book is. Always keep the spread size and number of pages in mind.

Your wedding photos don’t always have to be grouped chronologically though. You can get creative and sort them by theme.  For example, the bride and groom’s family, the couple, candid moments, or the tear-jerkers. It’s really up to you.

Lay Out Pictures by Spread, Not by Page

When you’re laying out pictures for a traditional photo album, you do it by page since placing them on the center will fold the printouts when you close the album. Most people making a photobook album for the first time do the same. 

But, when laying out pictures on a photobook, you have to think of a spread as one big page instead.  This means you can arrange your images more freely, even if they cross the center of your book. This way, it’s easier to create variations in your pages.   Making the arrangement of pictures and flow of ideas more natural. and avoiding complete symmetry on your pages.  

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Put Fewer Photos to Show More

Never cram multiple photos into one spread or put wordy captions that occupy too much space. They will make your pages look busy, unorganized, and even confusing. Instead, come up with the least number of photos you can get away with, and put short, sweet captions rather than long ones. You can even not put captions at all!

Experts recommend printing 8 to 10 photos per spread in an 8.5 x 11″ photobook, which is one of the most popular sizes nowadays. Of course, larger photo books can hold more images per spread, while smaller ones might fit only up to 2 pictures comfortably. If you really have tons of photos, you can always increase the number of pages your wedding photobook has instead of cramming everything in a few pages.  

Put Emphasis on Important Pictures

While we have a general rule on the number of photos to put on a page, don’t be afraid to vary your spreads so your viewer doesn’t get bored of uniformity.

A great technique for this is printing one good photo on more than a page once in a while. It can be on the full spread or 3/4’s of it. To choose which ones to use, pick an image that gives the whole idea behind a category of pictures. Say, the groom’s last picture with his squad before he becomes a married man from the “pre-wedding” category.  Or the picture of your first kiss as a married couple from the “ceremony” category. You should pick something you want to highlight or those that convey strong emotions.

Blowing up these pictures is a good technique to emphasize them. You can put them at the start of each chapter to introduce a new set of pictures, or towards the end of the set for a climactic effect.

Creating a photobook album is challenging, but it’s fun and sure is worth it. These days, pictures are often forgotten in memory cards, hard drives, and social media accounts.  So by making an album for your wedding photos you can reminisce the day you promised to be with each other for the rest of your lives.  Just by opening a book.

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About The Author

Today’s blog post was written by Mae Owens of Milkbooks.  I am a huge fan of Milkbooks, which produces beautiful photo books, albums, canvas prints, and lots of other cool photo-related items.    I really like their photobook albums in particular.  Their photobook albums are the ultimate keepsake to preserve your wedding day. They feature board-mounted pages that lie perfectly flat, allowing you to organize stunning spreads of every special moment of your wedding day.  Thank you Mae for these great ideas on organizing wedding photobook albums.

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