5 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

personalize your wedding

Written by Stephanie

July 28, 2020

I’ve had so much fun writing posts for the blog this month.   July is “Standout Weddings” month at A Daydream Wedding.   And talking about how to make a wedding stand out from the crowd is one of my favorite things to do.  And so far this month, I shared lots of ideas you can use to make your wedding stand out.   In 4 Tips To Make Your Wedding Stand Out, I showed you how to create a standout experience for your wedding guests.   And in 6 Ideas for a Wedding Ceremony that Stands Out, I gave some awesome ideas for making your wedding ceremony stand out.   Today, I’m going to share 5 ways you can personalize your wedding so that it is memorable, unique, and stands out from the crowd.

If you can, think back to the last wedding you went to.   What stands out in your mind about that wedding?    Most likely it was a detail that reflected something either the bride or groom enjoyed or was interested in.   Or it told part of the story of their journey as a couple.   When you personalize your wedding, it makes your wedding authentic and one-of-a-kind.  And it is the difference between a cookie-cutter wedding that looks like every other wedding you’ve been to and a wedding that is so “you” it’s unforgettable.   So here are some ways you can personalize your wedding:

Add Personal Touches To Your Table Décor

Adding personal touches to your table décor is a great way to personalize your wedding.   And it is a great way to add flair to your table settings.   You could have a custom stamp made with your initials and use it on your menus, table numbers, and favors.  Or you could incorporate your birthstones, either by using them as inspiration for your wedding colors or as accents in your centerpieces.   Another fun idea is to add a couple of photobooth strips of you and your partner and add them to the table numbers.  This will add lots of personality to your tables and will be a conversation starter for your guests.

Use the Aisle Runner To Tell Your Story

If you are planning to use an aisle runner for your wedding ceremony, don’t settle for the plain white runner.  Or one with your names and wedding date stamped on it.    Personalize your wedding aisle runner so that it shows the timeline of your journey together.  You can customize an aisle runner with pictures and text in different styles, fonts, and colors.   And start the timeline at the beginning of the aisle and have it end where you will stand to get married.    Your guests will love getting to learn about your journey together.

wedding aisle


Forget the Linen Table Runner on your Head Table

Table runners add sophistication and elegance to your wedding design, especially on your head table.   But you are not limited to using a table runner that is made out of fabric.   You could take a long piece of parchment paper to a calligrapher and have them write a portion of your wedding vows, or a bible verse, on it and use that as the table runner on your head table.   This also would work for a sweetheart table as well and is a meaningful way to personalize your wedding.   Also, you can take it home and mount it in your home after the wedding is over.

table runner for sweetheart table

Etsy @ EmelynLetters

Get Fun Cocktail Napkins

If you are having a bar at your wedding, you will need to have cocktail napkins.  Lots of couples get napkins that match their wedding colors.  And some even get napkins that have their names and wedding date printed on them.   But here’s a fun way to personalize them even further.  Have them printed with a couple of fun facts on them.  I suggest three versions.  One with a fun fact about the bride.  One with a fun fact about the groom.  And one with a fun fact about the couple.   Need some ideas for the fun facts?  Here are some to get you started:

  • Your first date
  • How you got engaged
  • Pets
  • Activities you enjoy
  • Sports teams you like
  • Cute habits (Like who takes longer to get ready? Or who has the cleaner car?)
personalize your wedding


Create A Cute Infographic of Your Relationship

This is such a fun way to personalize your wedding.    Create an infographic that tells how you met, your first date, how you got engaged, things you like to do together, and fun facts about you and your partner.  You can even include a picture of the two of you as well.   Make the infographic big and have it serve as the backdrop to your head table.   You could also use it as a backdrop for photos.   Instead of making it big, you could put it in a frame, and have it sitting on your welcome table or guest table.  Another idea is incorporating it into your wedding program.   Guests really like infographics because they create an additional element of entertainment to your wedding.

wedding infographic

Etsy @ PuffPaperCo

I hope you found these ideas helpful and valuable.  If you like the ideas I shared today and would like to hear more, there is a free Wedding Ideas Guide you can download from our website.  It’s called 36 Ways To Make Your Wedding Stand Out and it’s packed full of ideas to make your wedding stand out and be the wedding everyone raves about.   You can download your free copy here.

Make Your Wedding Stand Out

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