6 Ideas for a Wedding Ceremony that Stands Out

wedding ceremony that stands out

Written by Stephanie

July 23, 2020

If you’ve been following along with us for the last couple of weeks, you may know that July is “Standout Weddings” month here at A Daydream Wedding.  And all month, I’ve been sharing tips and ideas you can use to make your wedding stand out from the crowd.  And be the wedding everyone raves about for years to come.   In last week’s blog post, 4 Tips For Making Your Wedding Stand Out, I focused on how you can give your guests a standout experience at your wedding.  And this week, I’m going to share 6 Ideas For A Wedding Ceremony That Stands Out with you.

When my clients say they want their wedding to stand out, they usually mean they want their wedding to be unique and memorable.   And they want to do something at their wedding that people have not seen done at other weddings.   This is not as difficult as it sounds.   Especially when it comes to creating a wedding ceremony that stands out.  My go-to method is usually taking a look at wedding ceremony traditions and putting a twist on them.   By putting a twist on a ceremony tradition, you are doing something different and unexpected, which will give you a wedding ceremony that stands out.   Here are 6 ways to put a spin on wedding ceremony traditions for a wedding ceremony that stands out.

Idea #1:  Creative Ceremony Seating

Most couples place their wedding altar in the front of the room and set up the chairs facing the altar.  With an aisle down the center and approximately an equal number of chairs on either side of the altar.  But that is not the only option for wedding ceremony seating!  And the more creative you are with your seating, the more unique and memorable the ceremony will be.   Here are a few ideas:

Set Up Chairs In A Circular Formation and Get Married In The Middle

Set up the rows of chairs in a circular formation and place the altar in the middle. This will give your guests a 360-degree view of your wedding ceremony and will provide for a more intimate experience for you and your guests.

wedding ceremony that stands out

Set Up Chairs In a Spiral Formation

If your guest count is smaller, you can set up one large row of chairs in a spiral formation and get married in the center of the spiral. This is similar to the circular formation as your guests will get a 360-degree view of your ceremony and a more intimate experience

Semi-Square Formation

Set up your wedding ceremony space like a square. Put your altar in the front of the space and place chairs on three sides of the altar.   Start by dividing your chair count by 3.  Then place one-third of the chairs on the right side of the altar facing in.   One -third on the left side facing in.  And the last one-third in front the altar facing in.

Don’t Use Chairs At All!

Nothing says you have to seat your guests in chairs for the ceremony. You could set up benches instead of chairs for your guests to sit on.   This would look great for a rustic or vintage style wedding.   Or to really put a spin on wedding seating, you could set your guests on floor cushions or decorated tree stumps.   This would look amazing for a boho style wedding.

Idea #2:  Choose A Special Officiant

Traditionally, couples would get married in a church and the leader of the church would be the person to officiate the wedding.  However, these days lots of couples have their wedding ceremony outside of the church.  And while it’s still possible to have the leader of your church officiate the wedding at an alternate location, that is not your only option.   You could hire a professional officiant.  Someone who is ordained to officiate ceremonies and doesn’t mind speaking in front of groups of people.  But why not take it one step further and ask someone special to you to officiate the ceremony?

If you have a close friend or family member who likes to be the center of attention, ask them to be your officiant.  Or perhaps ask the person who introduced the two of you.  Or a person who is central to your story as a couple.   By having someone special to you officiate the ceremony, they can infuse their relationship with you and your story as a couple into the ceremony to make it that much more special, meaningful, and unique.

wedding ceremony that stands out

Idea #3:  Flower Girl and Ring Bearer With a Twist

Traditionally, couples would have a young girl in the family be the flower girl.  And a young boy in the family to be the ring bearer.  But instead of filling those roles with children, why not do something different?  One alternative that has been popular the last couple of years is having your favorite furry friend be the flower girl or ring bear.   Dogs are the most popular option as they can easily be trained to walk down the aisle.  How cute is a female dog walking down the aisle wearing a floral crown?  Or a male dog with a cute little bow tie walking down the aisle with the ring tied to it?

wedding ceremony that stands out

However, since having your dog in the ceremony has been increasing in popularity, you may want something more unique and different.  So I have another idea for you.   If your grandparents are still alive, why not ask them to fill the roles of flower girl and ring bearer.   It would be so sweet to see your grandmother be a flower girl and your grandfather be a ring bear.  And it’s definitely something that people haven’t seen at other weddings before.  Giving you a wedding ceremony that stands out.

Idea #4:  Ditch the Bridesmaids Bouquets and the Flower Girl Basket

Bridesmaids typically carry a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet.  And flower girls typically carry a basket with flower petals in it.    Why not change things up and have them carry something else?   Your bridesmaids could carry a greenery wreath or floral ring down the aisle instead.    Or another unique idea is having them carry a lantern or a lit candle down the aisle.   And for the flower girls, give them ribbon wands with bells to wave down the aisle.   Very young flower girls often forget to drop the flower petals on the ground while they are walking down the aisle.    So waving a ribbon wand with bells attached is much easier for them to handle.  And if they are a little older, have them carry a balloon bouquet.

wedding ceremony that stands out

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Idea #5:  Ring Warming Ceremony

I’m sure you’ve been to a wedding, or two, that has included a sand ceremony or unity candle ceremony.   These types of bonding ceremonies have almost become commonplace.    So if you want to do something unique within your ceremony, try a “ring warming” ceremony.   If you haven’t heard of a ring warming ceremony, here is how it works.  The rings are passed through the hands of each wedding guest before they are placed on your fingers.   With the idea that each guest sends their love and well wishes into the ring as they hold it.   This is a great way to involve your guests in the ceremony, which is different as most ceremonies only involve the wedding party, family members, and the officiant.   This is the type of wedding ceremony that stands out.

Idea #6:  Select a Unique Ceremony Venue

Most wedding ceremonies take place in a church, banquet hall, flower garden, or at home.   But you are not limited to these venues.  You can choose a place that is out of the ordinary to get married.   Since we live in or around Sacramento, we have lots of options within an hour or two drive from here.   We can get to the ocean, to beautiful lakes, to mountains, to redwood forests, etc.   You could exchange your vows on the beach in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  Or you could say “I Do” on the shore of Lake Tahoe with the mountains in the background.  Or you could find a scenic spot in the forest to have a wedding ceremony.   The options are almost limitless.  And the more out of the ordinary the venue is, the more likely you will be to have a wedding ceremony that stands out.

wedding ceremony that stands out

I hope you found these ideas helpful and valuable.  If you like the ideas I shared today and would like to hear more, there is a free Wedding Ideas Guide you can download from our website.  It’s called 36 Ways To Make Your Wedding Stand Out and it’s packed full of ideas to make your wedding stand out and be the wedding everyone raves about.   You can download your free copy here.

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