Free Wedding Planning Guide

free wedding planning guide

Written by Stephanie

February 11, 2020

Create A Stand Out Wedding With Our Free Wedding Planning Guide

Getting married is a very special time in your life.  I’m sure you’re very excited to be planning your big day.   Looking at Pinterest, reading all of the wedding blogs, and sharing your hopes and dreams with each other.

But did you know that some wedding planning experts say there are over 10,000 decisions you will need to make as a couple on your wedding planning journey?  Can you imagine?

Having to make 10,000 decisions can lead to a world of stress.  At a time when you really just want to enjoy being engaged and spending time with each other.   As a wedding planner who has worked with hundreds of couples, I know the stress generally comes from the overwhelming number of choices to make and the feeling that your day won’t be memorable unless it somehow stands out from every other wedding.  And while creating a wedding that  stands out from the crowd is exciting, it can be stressful at the same time.

You want your day to be perfect.  But you also want it to be memorable…

And while there is lots of information out there to help you make planning decisions and coordinate logistics, there isn’t a lot of information out there to help you make your wedding day memorable or stand out from the crowd.

Because of my experience as a wedding planner, I know the most memorable weddings are the ones where the couple brings themselves to the day fully.  That means thinking outside of the box.  It means you thinking deeply about what is meaningful to you.  It means thinking about the memories you want to create for yourselves and those you love the most on your wedding day.

To help you think about this more I put together a guide to help you create the stand out wedding that everyone talks about for years to come – in a good way!

Click here to get a copy of our wedding planning guide “36 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out” for free.

Make Your Wedding Stand Out

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