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purchase wedding insurance

Written by Stephanie

June 10, 2020

As a wedding planner, I am often asked about wedding insurance.  Oftentimes, it is because the wedding venue is requiring a liability insurance policy.   But there are other types of wedding insurance coverage available.  Read below to find out about the different types of coverage and where to find additional information including carriers that provide wedding insurance coverage.

Types of Wedding Insurance Coverage

There are two main types of wedding insurance coverage:   liability insurance and cancellation insurance.

Wedding Liability Insurance

If your venue is requiring you to provide insurance, they are referring to liability insurance. This kind of insurance covers injuries or damages that occur during your wedding.  It can also provide coverage against alcohol-related incidents that occur on the day of the wedding if you are serving alcohol.  A liability policy generally costs under $100, depending on the size of your wedding and the limit of coverage you select.

Wedding Cancellation insurance

This is an optional type of wedding insurance that helps cover the cost of canceling or postponing your wedding.   Typically the wedding must be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances like an injury or illness. A cancellation insurance policy can be up to $400, depending on the limit of coverage you select.

These types of wedding insurance policies can be purchased together or separately. And there are many companies out there who offer both types of wedding insurance coverage.

An Excellent Wedding Insurance Resource

I found a website I think would be really helpful for couples interested in purchasing wedding insurance.  The website is consumersadvocate.org/wedding-insurance and it provides excellent information about wedding insurance.  You will find descriptions of wedding insurance types and common mistakes people make about wedding insurance.  You’ll also find a list of recommended wedding insurance carriers.

The wedding insurance carries recommend by this site are actually the same companies I recommend to my clients. But the cool thing about this website is that it ranks the policies provided by these companies.   So you can easily know which one provides the most value for the money, is the most flexible with coverage, or is better for larger and more expensive weddings.

In Conclusion

If you are in the market to purchase wedding insurance coverage, but sure to check out consumersadvocate.org/wedding-insurance. It will definitely help you to understand the ins-and-outs wedding insurance.  And will also help you to select the best carrier and coverage for your wedding.

If you need help with other aspects of planning your wedding, we are here to help!  A Daydream Wedding can guide you through all the steps and make wedding planning a cinch!  If you are struggling and would like some help, schedule your free Wedding Planning Consultation today.

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