Chances are you’ve had a honeymoon destination in mind for a long time.   Maybe you’ve even been dreaming of traveling there for years.   But with the cost of the average wedding coming in around $35,000, and more and more couples shouldering the cost of the wedding on their own, it can be difficult to afford the dream honeymoon too.   But what if I told you there was a way you could have your dream wedding AND your dream honeymoon?  Well, there is a way! You can register for your honeymoon with Honeyfund.

What is Honeyfund?

Honeyfund is a wedding registry that allows you to receive monetary gifts from your wedding guests to help you pay for the costs of your honeymoon.  Traditionally, when a couple “registers” for their wedding, they select items for their home from a particular store and then spread the word to their wedding guests about where they are registered.   Then it’s up to the wedding guests to go to that store, purchase an item from the registry, wrap it up, and then bring it on the wedding day.

But with Honeyfund, you can register for your honeymoon.  And it’s super easy and fun!   First, you create an online honeymoon registry page that you can customize to match your wedding colors and theme or to match your honeymoon destination.   Then you add items, such as airfare, hotel accommodations, activities, and meals, to your wish list.  Next, you share the link with your wedding guests, which you can do by email, social media, or by adding it to your wedding website.  Then when your wedding guests are ready to purchase a gift for you, they simply select items from your wish list to contribute towards.  Honeyfund makes the act of giving quick, easy, and budget-friendly for your wedding guests!

What Are The Benefits Of Doing A Honeyfund Wedding Registry?

There are many great reasons to register for your honeymoon with Honeyfund including:

  • World-class design tools to let your style shine
  • Fully customizable wish list
  • Trustworthy (It’s been around for over 12 years)
  • Immediate access to funds
  • No fees charged to the gift giver
  • Free to set up
  • Weekly travel deals delivered to your inbox
  • 5 Star customer service

So what are you waiting for? Stop dream and start traveling. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting up your registry today!

Where Do You Want To Go For Your Honeymoon?

If you are considering a honeymoon in the Caribbean, A Daydream Wedding has a partnership with Sandals and Beaches, some of the most luxurious vacation resorts in the Caribbean.   Contact us today to hear about current specials and deals going on with Sandals and Beaches if you are thinking about a Caribbean honeymoon.

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