Did you know that the majority of weddings that take place each year are in September and October?  That means a bunch of weddings are will take place in the next couple of months.  Is your wedding day coming up in the next couple of months?  If you said yes, then now is the time to start preparing for the wedding day.  And during the month of August, I will be posting tips and strategies to help you prepare for your wedding day.  So you can feel confident that your wedding day is set up for success.

What Is a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

One way to prepare for your wedding is to have a wedding day timeline.  And in How To Create A Timeline For Your Wedding Day, I gave strategies and tips for planning out your wedding day and creating a timeline.  But what about those things that come up that you can’t plan for?  Like something getting spilled on your wedding gown.  Or a member of your wedding party showing up with a hangover headache.  How do you keep these small mishaps from ruining your wedding day?

wedding gown spill

The answer, beautiful bride-to-be, is to have a wedding day emergency kit!   A wedding day emergency kit is a small bag of “just in case” items that provide quick fixes to unforeseen problems on the wedding day.    By having a wedding day emergency kit, you can stay one step ahead of any problems that may arise on the wedding day.  And you can have peace of mind that your wedding will go off without a hitch.    Your wedding day emergency kit can turn any spill, snag, or headache, into an easily fixed situation, instead of a mishap that ruins your wedding day.

What To Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

So now that you know what a wedding day emergency kit is, and why it’s an excellent idea to have one, I’m going to give you some ideas of what to include in yours.   Most of the items I’m going to recommend are items that brides commonly forget on the wedding day.  Or things they don’t realize they will need.  And they will be helpful for you, as well as your wedding party and guests.   Here is a handy infographic that will guide you in putting together your wedding day emergency kit.

wedding day emergency kit

In Conclusion

Having a wedding day emergency kit is a great way to prepare for your wedding day and ensure it is set up for success.   Many problems or mishaps that arise on the wedding day can be easily fixed with items from your emergency kit.   So, it is an excellent idea to have one available on the wedding day, just in case.

If you have questions about how to prepare for your wedding day, or what items to include in your wedding day emergency kit, I would be happy to answer them for you.   And if you would like additional support on your wedding day, such as having a team of wedding experts on the wedding day to manage all the details, we can help with that too.   We offer a Month of Wedding Planning service that might just be a perfect fit for you.    Just schedule a free wedding planning consultation.  We’ll spend about 30 minutes talking about what you want for your wedding day, and I will answer your questions and give you advice and ideas that will help you out.  And if you are interested in our Month of Wedding Planning service, I can provide you with a custom quote.

Other Tips & Ideas

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