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Stephanie Webber,
Owner & Lead Wedding Designer
You want your day to be perfect.  But you also want it to be perfectly "you"...
Getting married is a very special time in your lives. I’m sure you’re very excited to be planning your big day -- looking at Pinterest, reading all of the wedding blogs and speaking about your hopes and dreams with one another.

As a Wedding Planner who has worked with hundreds of couples, I have come to appreciate when weddings mean the most. While every wedding day is special and every couple is special, the memorable weddings are the ones where the couple brings themselves to the day fully.

That means thinking outside the box. It means thinking deeply about what is meaningful to them. It means thinking about the memories they want to create for themselves and those they love the most on their wedding day.

To help you think about this a little more, I put together a guide to help you make your wedding stand out, and have everyone talking about the big day -- in the right way!

I hope these ideas help you to create a little more magic on your wedding day!

Set Yourself Apart With A Wedding That’s Perfectly You 
Some say there are 10,000 decisions you need to make as a couple on the path between "yes" and "I do".

Can you imagine?

That's why wedding planning can be so stressful, when it should be one of the most joyful times in your life.

As a wedding planner who has worked with hundreds of couples, I've come to understand how to make those 10,000 decisions much easier for you!

And, much of it comes down to good planning and logistics, yes.

But, a lot of it comes down to knowing the couple and what will give them a wedding that helps them stand out from the crowd.  This is the one day when you get to have everything exactly as you please.  That's exciting.  And stressful too!

So, I created this guide to take the stress away!

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