As a wedding planner, I get to help many brides find the best venue for their weddings.   Because Sacramento can be counted on to have great weather from May to September, a lot of brides look for an outdoor wedding venue to hold their wedding ceremony and reception.   Over the summer, I learned about a newer wedding venue in the Sacramento area that is perfect for any outdoor wedding celebration.  The name of the venue is Wolfe Heights Event Center and it is located just outside of Sacramento, in a small town called Vineyard, CA.    

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet with the venue management, take a tour, and coordinate a wedding at this venue.  And I have to tell you, the whole experience was great.   There are so many great things about this venue that make it perfect for a wedding.   And if you are a bride looking to have an outdoor wedding in or around Sacramento, I highly recommend taking a look at Wolfe Heights Event Center.

Picturesque Unity Garden

unity garden
Unity garden with circular seating and gazebo

There is a lot of wonderful things about this outdoor wedding venue, but my favorite is the unity garden area.   It is so picturesque and would make the best backdrop for your wedding ceremony photos.   The unity garden area is circular labyrinth of white rose trees and flowering shrubs, with a large wooden gazebo covered in wisteria in the middle.   And all around the gazebo, there are benches to provide a circular seating for your guests, which is something I have not seen anywhere else in the Sacramento area.  And the entrances into the unity garden are archways covered with greenery.  It is absolutely breathtaking.

unity garden entrance
Archway draped in greenery at entrance to the Unity Garden

Gorgeous Nature and Scenery

pond with bridge
Pond with footbridge
pond and willow trees
Pond and willow trees

Adjacent to the unity garden is a gorgeous pond with an adorable footbridge.  The pond is home to fish, frogs, ducks, and geese, and is surrounded by willow trees.  This pond would make for gorgeous sunset photos and a great setting for first look photos.  Surrounding the venue are vineyards and a 10-acre olive orchard.  

Geese on the lawn
Vineyard view

Spacious Stone Courtyard

courtyard fountain
Courtyard fountain

The next area I’d like to tell you about is the courtyard area.  It is a spacious, stone courtyard, that seats up to 300 guests.   And in the middle of the courtyard is a magnificent 400-square foot fountain.   Overheard, you will see a dozen or so strings of bistro lights.   And I have to tell you, this area is so beautiful at night time when the fountain is lit up and the bistro lights are on.  It gives plenty of lighting and a very romantic feel to the evening.  Connected to the courtyard is a large circular dance floor, a large grass lawn that would the perfect spot for a lounge or for yard games like cornhole. 

Courtyard, fountain, dance floor, and estate house

Indoor Tavern-Style Bar

tavern-style bar
Tavern-style bar

My second favorite part of this venue is the tavern-style bar.  The bar is an indoor pub and is the perfect place to serve drinks to your guests.  It has refrigerated beer taps, a pouring station, highback stools, and cocktail tables.  It also features a projector and screen for any bride who wants to display a slide show during their wedding.  The bar area is the perfect place to sip and mingle during a cocktail hour.  It also has two full restrooms for the guests to use, which is a plus, because a lot of outdoor venues require renting portable restrooms or a restroom trailer.  

Quality Catering Prep Area

And your caterer will love the catering prep area.  It is large and will give your caterer ample space to prepare and serve the food.  It has a commercial refrigerator, a prep sink, electrical outlets, ice maker, and a temperature-controlled holding unit.  The catering prep area is next to the bar and is adjacent to the courtyard, which makes it ideal for prepping and serving appetizers and food.

Luxurious Bridal Suite

Another neat thing about this venue is the estate house.   You get access to the estate house when you rent the venue for your wedding.   The estate house is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with a luxurious bridal suite.  The bridal suite is the perfect setting to get ready for your wedding.  And if you want, you can also reserve it for an overnight stay on the wedding day for your wedding party and/or family as it sleeps up to 8 people.

Wedding Pricing

rustic wagon
Rustic wagon

The price to rent this outdoor wedding venue ranges from $5700 – $7500 depending on the day of the week and the number of guests.   When you rent the venue, you have exclusive use of the estate for the entire day, as well as the bridal suite.  In addition, you get a 1-hour rehearsal prior to the wedding day.  Tables and chairs (seats up to 300 guests) are included in the venue rental.  This is definitely a perk, because many outdoor venues do not provide tables or chairs, you have to rent them.    The venue provides ample onsite parking with 150 parking slots.  And if you are going for a rustic theme wedding, the venue also provides wine barrels and a rustic wagon. 

In Conclusion

So, if you are considering an outdoor wedding in the Greater Sacramento area, I would definitely check out Wolfe Heights Event Center.  It is a unique and picturesque outdoor wedding venue, and the rental fee is affordable and provides a lot of things you would have to rent at other outdoor venues, making it a great value.  And if you decide to host your wedding at Wolfe Heights Event Center, we would love to help you plan out the details so that you have a smooth and perfect wedding day.   Click here to check out our wedding planning services.