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Wedding Planner & Designer
Don't Have Time To Plan Your Wedding?

I'm Here to Help!

Your sweetheart finally proposed and you are getting married! Your family and friends are thrilled at the news. And you've got smiles and hugs coming at you from all directions.

You thought you could plan the wedding on your own. However, you didn't realize how time-consuming the task could be. You're a professional with a busy schedule and it's been difficult finding the time to search for wedding venues or contact wedding professionals. On top of that, you've never planned an event like this before, so you have no idea where to even start. Despite your best efforts, you are having a hard time planning the wedding and you need help.

As a Wedding Planner for busy professionals, I'm here for you. I'll walk you through the entire wedding planning process, from start to finish. I'll take on a huge chunk of the wedding planning workload. And I'll help you create an experience that is authentic to you and your style. Together we can create the wedding of your dreams. And because our services are designed for busy professionals, I'll work with your busy schedule.

So, if you're having a hard time planning your wedding because of a busy or demanding schedule, I invite you to schedule a free Wedding Planning Consultation with me. We'll talk about your vision for the wedding day and I'll give you some wonderful ideas for bringing it to life in a way that is authentic to you. I'd also love to tell you how our wedding planning services for busy professionals can take you from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and pressed for time to feeling relaxed and excited about your wedding.

Select a time on my calendar below to schedule a time to speak.

I can't wait to meet you!

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