We all have heard the saying, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” as the four categories you need to have on your wedding day. As your wedding is approaching, you are in need of these things, but don’t know where to start or struggling to find the right items that fit who you are. Sound like you? Well, we’ve spent some time thinking of some creative ways to incorporate each of the four items that you will need!

Something Old

bridal jewelry

This category is fun! This is where you can search through your family’s old things to find something special to add to your day. While adding this in, you will feel how sweet and how much of an honor it is to hold this item on your wedding day!

This is an easy go-to. Think about wearing a pair of earrings your grandmother wore on her wedding day, or a gift that your aunt received passed down from a great grandmother, or quite honestly anything passed down through the generations. These are such special pieces that will help you to glow on your wedding day!


bridal shoes

Perhaps there are a pair of heels that you used to go into your grandma’s closet when you were young and wore around the house, and she’s still got them! Or maybe you have an old pair of sandals or sneakers that you’ve loved forever, bring them to change into after your feet start killing you that night.

A brooch is a great option! You can add it to your dress or tied around your bouquet.

Something New

bridal gown

This is usually the easiest category. Typically we see that brides will use their wedding dress, veil, shoes, or jewelry to check off this box. Chances are there is at least one thing you’ve bought for your wedding day that is new! If you haven’t bought anything new and are borrowing everything for your wedding, here are some ideas of something new.

A gift
During your process of bridal showers and bachelorette parties, there’s a good chance someone has bought you a gift so far! Think of a creative way to use it. This makes for a budget friendly option.

Perhaps an easy one would be a pair of undergarments if some of your best girlfriends bought you something fun like this for your bachelorette party. If not, investing in a nice pair for your wedding night will be so worth it! And not to mention you may need something that will work well with your dress type.

Something Borrowed

bridal beauty

This one sometimes seems similar to the “Something Old” because a lot of our first thoughts are to borrow something old from a relative like a mother or grandmother. But something borrowed can be anything!

Ask your relatives and friends if they have anything special that would be a great addition to your bridal attire. Pearls and diamonds are a great start. Think of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

wedding bows

Sometimes some ribbon or bows that others have lying around in their craft box or one that they’ve used at their own wedding, make a great addition to tie around your bouquet or as a sash around your wedding dress.

Someone usually has a hair clip or comb that can fit snugly into your hair-do. This adds a bit of sparkle and elegance!

Something Blue

Blue seems to be the hardest category because as you plan you notice how everything is white! And most bride’s don’t want to have blue showing if they are keeping the traditional white. Here are some sneaky ways to make sure blue is there!

The garter will be hidden under your dress so no one is going to see it. This is the perfect way to pick out something with some beautiful blue ribbon or lace and flowers on it!

bridal bouquet

The bouquet is the perfect way to add in some blue. You can tie ribbon around and tie in something blue to it like beads, a brooch, or something else.

Some brides will use a handkerchief that is embroidered blue to keep with them.

If you are feeling bold, you can wear blue on your shoes! Most of the time they will be covered up, but they will make a fun statement in your pictures if you choose to let them peep out!