You’ve gotten the big things checked off the to-do list, but now it’s time for you to plan the smaller details! Details are EVERYTHING. This is your chance to really show off your style and set the mood for the day.

One area you will be paying attention to, which also happens to be one of our favorites to decorate, is the guest dining tables. There are so many possibilities of combinations, it becomes quite fun piecing it all together. This is a perfect place to show your guests your theme. Let’s talk about each part that makes the table come together!


wedding tables
Rectangle wedding tables
wood wedding tables
Farm tables

Let’s start off with the most obvious part: the table. The most common table chosen is the classic round table. This is always a great option! We wanted to show some other options as well that can add a new flair to your day. Square tables are a new trend, seating 2 people per side. We also love the long wooden tables that are statement pieces. Long tables are a great way to set up as well! For a more casual event, picnic tables are such a fun option!

wedding tables
Round wedding tables
picnic table
Wedding picnic table


wedding chairs
White wedding chairs

White wooden chairs are a classic look, one that is great for outdoors. If you’re looking for something different, perhaps consider pillows on the ground for a more laid back setting. Chiavari chair that looks like a fake bamboo are a timeless, classy look that is great for indoor or outdoor.

wedding seating
Pillow floor seating
wedding chairs
Wedding Chiavari chairs


wedding flatware
Copper wedding flatware

Plates really can be a statement piece or a more subtle piece. For a more elegant look, try a classic white plate with a scalloped edge or white plate with a gold rimmed edge. Go for a solid color if you want to add dimension to a white tablecloth and match the other colors in your palette. Mix and match plates and layer them up!

wedding flatware
Ivory handled wedding flatware
wedding flatware
Silver wedding flatware


wedding napkins
Rolled and tied wedding napkins

Napkins are fun to mess around with finding how you want them folded. There are SO many options out there to choose from. Some of our favorites are the knot, rolled and tied with a bow, an angled three pocket fold, and the classic fold. For something fun, we like the swirl!

wedding napkins
Fancy napkin fold
wedding napkins
3 pocket napkin fold


wedding centerpiece
Tall wedding centerpiece
wedding centerpiece
Candles wedding centerpiece

You can do a low centerpiece that will sit, as you might have guessed, low to the table. These are a simple look if simplicity is your thing. You can do an assortment of high and low centerpieces to create dimension and a layered look. Candles are great for this type of style. You can also do a table runner down the center. Eucalyptus is a great option for this with perhaps some candles strewn along. A simple vase with an arrangement of flowers is something you can’t go wrong with.

eucalyptus wedding garland
Eucalyptus wedding garland
wedding centerpiece
Floral vase centepieces


wedding glassware
Simple wedding glassware
wedding glassware
Fancy crystal glassware

You can’t go wrong with the classic, simple glassware which can go with any theme you choose, which is also a low budget friendly option. We have been loving crystal cut glassware, whether clear glass or colored glass. This is a great way to incorporate some pop and even a color from your palette. It’s fun to think of using unique pieces like beer pints, mule copper mugs, and irish coffee mugs. If you are using flatware with a gold rim, you might think of getting glassware with gold on the rim as well.

wedding drinkware
Copper mule cup
wedding drinkware
Wedding barware


Wedding table linens
White table linens

Linens are a fun one to pick out! A classic white table cloth is always a good option. This allows you to really dress up your table with other decorations full of color and your theme will really pop from the white. Picking a colored table cloth is great as well, perhaps a main color from your palette and then the rest of your table can include your minor color schemes. If you’re using a wooden farmhouse table, try going linen-less! A sheer table runner looks great on those tables.

table runner
Sheer table runner


wedding menus
Watercolor wedding menus

Menus are a great way to tie together all of your color schemes and theme. They can match your invitations and the name place cards. If you are using a three pocket fold napkin, try putting the menu inside one of the pockets with perhaps a sprig of lavender in another pocket. We also love the look of a menu placed on top of a classic fold napkin. For a look that always is lovely, try simply placing the menu on top of the plate.

wedding menus
Simple wedding menus

Place Cards

wedding place cards
Bride’s place card

If you have a seating chart, name place cards really show that you went the extra step to help your guests feel comfortable and known and so they can easily find their seats. Its an extra little detail that actually is a big win. Place them directly on the plate or in a little place card holder.

wedding place card
Groom’s Place Card

Table Numbers

wedding table number
Acrylic wedding table number

Last, but not least, table numbers! This piece can really tie together the rest of your decor. This can match your menus and name place cards. This is a piece that you can have fun with. Try glass with cursive writing on it in a wooden holder or a printed paper in a place card holder.

wedding table numbers
Wedding table numbers