“Why do I need a Wedding Planner if my venue already has an onsite Venue Coordinator?”

This is a common question that most people have, and rightfully so! This can be a confusing topic, so we thought it would be a great idea to take the time to explain what the difference is and why having a Wedding Planner is an essential component to planning a wedding.

We are a wedding planning business, and we enjoy the times we have worked with Venue Coordinators. They come in handy and they sure do make the wedding day easier! So, if your venue has an onsite Venue Coordinator, that is great news. It is nice to have someone at the venue who can answer any questions we have!

However, what does this all mean to you? What’s the difference between Wedding Planners and Venue Coordinators?

Venue Coordinators are explained in their name; they coordinate the tasks and services being provided by the venue. Their primary focus is the venue. They are there to make sure that everything being provided by the venue is done at the proper time and according to the agreement. Some types of things you can expect to receive from a venue coordinator would be setting up tables and chairs, answering questions about the venue, someone to unlock and lock-up the venue, finding out if sparklers and candlesticks are allowed on the property, and overall make sure the venue is ready for you when you arrive to set up. Venue Coordinators may also provide referrals to their preferred vendors. These are the types of things that they are limited to though. Most often, Venue Coordinators don’t do much more than this.

Venue Coordinators do not stick by you through your planning process from beginning to end. They are not there to coordinate the day of the wedding. This all goes to say, Venue Coordinators will be there to make sure you get in to your spot alright and the things you need are available to you. We love this about them! But, it is important to make sure you know what their roles are, if you are looking for more than that.

But then what is a Wedding Planner?


Wedding Planners are hired by you, to be with you for whatever your wedding needs may be! A Wedding Planner starts off by assisting you with the planning process; making sure you have looked at every detail and that you have not forgotten anything important! They also help with creating a good timeline for your wedding day. They know all the ins and outs of how the day should run, how much time to allow for the events of the wedding day, and what all should be included. And on the day of your wedding, they are there in the background making sure everything goes according to plan, so that YOU don’t have to worry about anything and can just enjoy your day. But this is not something you will receive from a Venue Coordinator. This is where to difference lies. Wedding Planners become the go-to point-person for every single detail such as making sure the flowers and decor get set up correctly, telling other vendors where to set up, communicating with all parties so everyone is on the same page, making sure the DJ plays the right song at the right time, making sure everyone receives boutonnieres and corsages, gather family members for photos, putting out a chair for the garter toss, help with clean-up of the venue, and much more!

Many Wedding Planners offer different packages to meet your needs. Some brides need help planning everything because they are too busy or don’t even know where to start. Some brides know exactly what they want and they just need someone to run with it on the day of. And then some brides fall somewhere in between. Whether you are looking for a full package, partial package, or month-of coordination, A Daydream Weddings offers whatever you may desire. We work with our clients to create a custom service package based on your needs and vision. For more information on our wedding planning services, please click here.

In summary, a Wedding Planner is there for your every need and to keep your anxiety away, while a Venue Coordinator is simply there on behalf of the venue to make sure the venue fulfills their contractual obligations.

We hope that this brief summary can help you better understand the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator as you begin the process of planning your dream wedding day!