So you’ve reached the point in your wedding planning journey where you need to hire some vendors. We understand how this can be a tedious and confusing part of wedding planning. It’s hard to know which vendors are trustworthy, hardworking, reputable, and going to make all of your wedding dreams come true. We of course recommend the easiest and most stress reducing route would be to have your wedding planner reach out to them and help you in the process. But of course if you are heading to an appointment to meet a vendor or planning a phone call to one soon, here are some ideas of good questions to ask them.

In general these are questions you’ll want to ask across the board:

1. How long have you been in business?

2. How many weddings have you worked?

3. What are your wedding packages and prices?

4. What is the deposit required and schedule of payments?

5. How long are you at the event for, starting time to ending time?

6. Do you have a portfolio of weddings you have done?

If you are interviewing a caterer:

1. Can we sample your food choices?

2. When is the final guest count due?

3. How much is the service charge and gratuity?

4. Do you cook onsite?

5. Do you provide catering for the rehearsal dinner?

6. What are your children’s meal options?

7. What type of service do you provide (sit-down, buffet, family style)?

8. Do you provide decor, linens, and tables for your set up?

If you are interviewing DJs:

1. Do you have liability insurance?

2. Do you require a tent or shade for outdoor events?

3. Do you bring any kind of lighting?

4. Do you provide a second set of equipment for two sites?

5. Do you abide by “do not play” and “must play” playlists?

6. Will you Emcee the event?

7. What is the backup plan if your equipment fails?

If you are interviewing photographers:

1. What type of equipment do you use?

2. Do you have a second shooter?

3. How soon after the wedding will the gallery be available?

4. How many photos can we expect to receive?

5. Will we receive digital images with copyright release?

If you are interviewing florists:

1. Are rentals available?

2. Can you recommend various options for centerpieces for our budget?

3. Will you individually label the boutonnieres and corsages?

4. What time do you come to set up?

5. Do you set up or just drop off?

6. Do you pin the corsages and boutonnieres on?

As experienced wedding planners, we think these questions are extremely important to ask when interviewing vendors. It’s important to get to know them, as well and get a feel for their professionalism. Consider their personality as you want to feel completely comfortable working with them on your wedding day. Make sure to think about what type of atmosphere you are trying to create as well and find someone who matches that vibe. It’s great to find vendors who can work easily together as well, as some of them may have vendor recommendations for you to pursue, that they have worked with before. Remember that the more questions you ask, the better off you’ll be. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions! You want to make sure that no detail is overlooked! Most importantly, ask questions so that you make sure your every wish for your wedding will come true!