So, you just had your perfect dream wedding, you’re happily married, out of town guests have gone back home, you are back from your honeymoon, and now it’s time to sit down and figure out what to do with all of your wedding decor. As you look at all of the boxes of vases, table cloths, tulle, candles, and little trinkets, you ask yourself what on earth you’re going to do with all of this stuff! Will it go to waste, do you give it away, can you sell it, will anyone else be able to use it?

We are here to tell you, not to worry! We have some tips and methods that will help with this process!

So Many Flowers…

There are flowers EVERYWHERE. What do you do with them all? Throwing them out would be such a waste! Send a few home with some ladies after the wedding. What woman doesn’t appreciate flowers? Your grandmother, mother, aunts, sister… They would all LOVE having a bouquet to take home and set on the kitchen window to enjoy everyday. If you still have some more, consider bringing some around to local businesses you love. They would love the kind gesture and they get to spice up their front desk for clients to walk in to.


First of all, we suggest… EAT it! Freeze some leftovers to warm up over the next couple weeks or months. Good, catered wedding food is a specialty to keep around! If it’s truly too much for you to eat, or you think you’ll get tired of it, or you’re feeling extra generous, box some up and bring to family members. Or, look up local Meal Train needs and send some to those in need! You may have a local food bank near you that will take it as well. Do some research!

What is Worth Keeping?

Figure out if there is anything that would be good to keep around for yourself. If you are someone that likes to hosts dinner parties and gatherings at your house, you may want to snag a few of the items for those times. We love the idea of having a small stash of items that you can choose from for different themed dinner parties to set up your dinner table and decorate your house. Some items that you may think about could be place settings. If you have leftover chargers, utensils, napkins, name placard holders, etc., those could come in handy again!

Gift Giving

Are there any trinkets and decor that would make good gifts? Regifting is obviously a great way to save money on buying gifts, but also it helps you get rid of things you need to! Perhaps your grandmother would love the outdoor lanterns you used as centerpieces, in her garden. Maybe your best friend was eyeballing a candle ensemble on your sign in table; wrap them up for her birthday!

Make Some Money

Sell it! Everyone loves making a little money, so why not try selling these items? Chances are, there is a bride out there looking for the same things you have to offer. A great way to sell items is to set them up and stage them, use a good camera and editing program, and get creative with your listing description. Aesthetically, brides will be drawn to these types of posts. You have amazing items, so show them off as such! Try using a site such as Wedding Recycle or create a listing on Craigslist. Another great way is the app Varage Sale, where you can create a profile feed of all of your inventory and it links up with your local Facebook Exchange groups.


At the end of it all, you may still find you have some more things you just can’t get rid of. Donating is a great option. Yeah, you won’t make any money on it (unless you find a consignment store), BUT the upside is that a bride who stumbles upon it in a thrift store will be thrilled. A lot of brides start off looking at thrift stores for a DIY wedding and these types of donations are big scores for them! Check out your local Goodwill or Salvation Army first for a good cause.