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Why Day-Of Wedding Coordination Is a Myth

 (Do This To Plan Your Dream Wedding Instead)

Hoping to save a few bucks with a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator? Be careful– you just might get what you pay for!

If you’re getting married you’ve probably heard one of the hottest ideas buzzing around the wedding world: Day-Of Wedding Coordination.

And why not? The idea is compelling! You can do all the planning yourself and hire a Coordinator to swoop in and handle logistics on the big day. It’s getting the best of both worlds– you can save money on a wedding planner AND have an experienced professional flawlessly execute the wedding.

No wonder wedding blogs, magazines, and publications are gushing over it. It sounds fabulous!

But before you say “I do”, here’s the truth: Day-Of Wedding Coordination doesn’t exist.

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The Truth About Day-Of Wedding Coordination

Right now, you might be shaking your head. And I get it! If you’re shopping around for a wedding professional to help you, you’ve likely seen all kinds of Day-Of services being offered.

The thing is, Day-Of Coordination just isn’t possible. Here’s why:

  • Experienced wedding planners know (from doing tons of weddings) that walking into a wedding without ahead-of-time prep is suicide. Executing a schedule sight-unseen doesn’t work.
  • Wedding planners need to see the vendor contracts you’ve signed in detail (and there’s no time to study them on the wedding day), otherwise set up, execution, and tear down is a nightmare.
  • Without an expert’s eye, you won’t see the pitfalls and scheduling issues that every couple misses when planning their wedding
  • Day-Of Coordinators don’t have a plan b (or plan c) when things go wrong– and they will!

You might think you’re the exception. Or that the Day-Of Coordinator you’ve found sounds excellent. However, it’s crucial to be aware that there’s plenty of unscrupulous wedding planners who will happily take your dough without doing anything to reduce your stress.

Wedding planners PLAN– they spend time and energy ensuring every detail of your day is perfect so you’re relaxed and happy on your wedding day. It’s what you deserve!

Why Hiring An Experienced Wedding Planner Saves You Money, Time, And A Whole Lot Of Stress

If you’re not convinced, let’s dive deeper into what a good wedding planner does for you (and why you’ll save on cash, headaches and sleepless nights). Here at A Daydream Wedding, we start with a consultation so we get to know who you are. With a zillion different questions, we drill down to what makes you unique. We’ll explore your ideas, dreams and inspirations. This gives us a clear understanding of what you want from beginning-to-end.

Then, we discuss wedding venues that fit your vision– whether that’s a rustic barn in a meadow, an industrial warehouse, or even the Sacramento Zoo. Everything is based on your tastes, preferences, and budget.

Day Of Wedding Coordination

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Once you’ve decided on the venue, I get to work on finding reputable (and amazing) vendors for your wedding. One thing day-of coordinating can’t do by nature, is ensure that the vendors will 1) show up, 2) arrive on time, or 3) perform to a high standard. If your DJ decides to cancel 2 hours before your wedding (like mine did! It’s partly why I became a wedding planner. You can read my story here) you’d better hope your Day-Of Coordinator has a good Spotify list (and not just hardcore dance tracks)– you’ll need ‘em!

Throughout the planning process, I help my couples find the best vendors, plus I often negotiate on their behalf. Without someone in-the-know on your side, many vendors will inflate their prices. It’s the dreaded “Wedding Tax.” An experienced wedding planner knows what prices are fair and I stretch your budget to-the-max. This allows me to get my clients the best service for their budget without weird or expensive contract clauses. I stay in continual contact with the vendors, manage deposits, and update them about any changes so they’re prepared on the big day.

Then, I create a wedding timeline so everything runs seamlessly. This is where the magic happens. From start-to-finish, I plan every minute– so the wedding party, venues, and vendors know where they need to be, when to be there, and what to do. That’s how flawless weddings happen. I also create backup plans for all kinds of snafus– you never know what can go wrong. And a good wedding planner pivots on the big day without anyone noticing a thing.

Here Comes The Bride!

Around two months before your wedding, everything revs up into high gear. We nail down all the details so they’re absolutely perfect. Ask my husband– he’ll tell you that my wedding plans, designs, and timelines rival those of military missions. From the wedding party, venues, and vendors, everyone receives a copy of the schedule, I confirm they’ve received it, and answer any questions they have.

Then, it’s go time! Having done all the hard work beforehand, I know that everything will execute seamlessly on your wedding day. And by having regular meetings with me through the process, your stress melts away. While you’re busy getting glammed up and sipping mimosas with your besties, you’ll know that I’m doing everything to make sure your wishes are granted.

Plus, you’ll know that if anything goes awry, I’ll be there to save the day. You won’t worry about a thing (or run around like a headless chicken).

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Day Of Wedding Coordination

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So What Does Day-Of Coordination Actually Mean?

Keeping all of that in mind, what is a Day-Of Wedding Coordination package”? Do they know the flow of your day? Will they check the flower order when it arrives and notice when centerpieces are missing? Remember– hiring a Day-Of  Coordinator is like giving a stranger the keys to your Tesla. Do they know how to drive it without crashing? This is the most important day of your life. Do you want someone you don’t know to arrive in the middle of it and take charge? It’s a high-stakes gamble.

So please think hard before you spend money on day-of wedding coordination. If you just need a little help ushering people down the aisles, ask your bossiest aunt or cousin to help. However, if you’ve been dreaming of your wedding and you want something flawless–  an experienced wedding planner is your best bet. You’ll save money in the long run, reduce stress, and get to enjoy this special time as the bride. It only happens once!

Because you deserve to look back on your wedding and think, “that was incredible” not “gosh, that was rough.” You also deserve a day that’s authentically YOU– a day where your personality is reflected through the entire celebration. That’s what we do best.

So if you want an unforgettable day full of color, beauty, creativity and fun, schedule a FREE wedding consultation with us here. We’ll uncover what makes you unique and create a fresh and fabulous wedding that expresses your excellent style and tastes. Whether you want to be Khaleesi in a Game of Thrones-themed wedding or a celebration with glitter and glam, we’ll make it happen.

Plus, we’ll have a blast!

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