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Why You Need A Wedding Planner

(And Why It Should Be A Daydream Wedding!) 

Before I ever thought about being a wedding planner, I was a bride. I had heard about wedding planners, but I decided I did not need a wedding planner because I was organized and crafty. And I wanted to save money. But not hiring a wedding planner turned out to be a huge mistake.   

My wedding day was chaotic and full of problems. My DJ flaked two hours before my wedding, and I had to find a last-minute replacement. I underestimated how much time it would take to set up for my reception and ended up being late for my wedding ceremony. And at the end of the night, everyone left, and my new hubby and I had to clean everything up. It was a disaster! (Read more about my wedding disaster and why I decided to become a wedding planner here). And I regretted not hiring a wedding planner.  

Unfortunately, I hear stories like mine all the time. Many brides forgo hiring a planner to keep the costs low. Then end up underestimating what it takes to plan, design, and coordinate their wedding. And they don’t realize how much stress and pressure that decision causes.   

As a wedding planner, I’ve heard so many brides say they are so stressed and overwhelmed they are ready for the wedding to be over. Or they want to forget it all and elope instead. And that breaks my heart! Every bride needs (and deserves) a helping hand. Especially you! Here are five good reasons you need a wedding planner.  

need a wedding planner

For Their Vendor Connections

One reason you need a wedding planner is for their connections. Wedding planners work with many wedding professionals and have a wide range of wedding connections.

At A Daydream Wedding, we know which ones can be trusted and have the best business practices. We know which ones are best suited for your vision, style, and budget. And we can help you put together the best team of experts to bring your vision to life.

In addition, wedding planners can help you gain access to the best vendors and venues. Did you know that some wedding professionals will turn couples away if they don’t have a wedding planner? Or that the most desirable wedding venues will require you to have a wedding planner?

Because They Save You Money

Another reason you need a wedding planner is that they can save you money.  In many cases, A Daydream Wedding can save you enough money to cover the cost of our services.

A Daydream Wedding keeps you from making common wedding planning mistakes that will cost you money. We also help you make the most out of your budget. We make sure you get the most value for your money with vendors and suppliers and know lots of creative ways to stretch your budget without compromising on style or quality.

In addition, when you book with our preferred vendors we are often able to score discounts and package extras for our clients, saving you even more money.    

need a wedding planner
need a wedding planner

For Their Expertise and Knowledge

Perhaps one of the best reasons to have a wedding planner is that wedding planners know everything there is to know about planning weddings!

At A Daydream Wedding, we are experts on protocol, etiquette, how much things cost, and much more. We guide you through decision-making and help you navigate through problems so you can have peace of mind about your wedding plans. We stay current on trends and design methods so we can help you bring your vision to life.

We create detailed timelines for the wedding day, so you can rest assured your special day will flow smoothly and seamlessly. We understand how your vendors rely on each other on the wedding day. And how all the moving parts of your wedding fit together.

Plus, if any problems arise on the wedding day, we troubleshoot and tackle them. We’ve never come across a problem we can’t fix!

To Enjoy the Wedding Planning Process

Many brides are excited to start planning their wedding but quickly get stressed out and overwhelmed with the process.

At A Daydream Wedding, we don’t want that to happen to you! We want you to have fun and enjoy the experience. So, our services are designed to make the whole process fun, easy, and stress-free.

With our Premium Wedding Planning & Design Service, we tackle all the stressful and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the fun and exciting ones (like trying on wedding gowns, tasting wedding cakes, and attending your bridal shower)! Our services free up time in your schedule so you can enjoy being a bride-to-be.

And because you have a professional helping you to create a perfectly planned wedding day, you’ll have peace of mind leading up to the wedding day.

need a wedding planner
need a wedding planner

For the Best Wedding Day Experience

Having the best wedding day possible is the main reason you need a wedding planner!  After all the time and money you’ll spend planning the wedding, you’ll want your wedding day to be perfect.

There are two kinds of wedding days you can experience. One where you (and your wedding party) are working hard to answer questions, chase down vendors, handle the unexpected, and take care of setup and breakdown. Or you can have a wedding day where a team of professionals takes care of all the details for you, so all you have to do is show up, get married, and celebrate with your family and friends.

At A Daydream Wedding, we manage all of the details so you can be fully present for every moment of your wedding day and not have to worry about a thing.  

I’m not saying you need a wedding planner because I’m part of the wedding industry. I’m saying it from personal experience. I don’t want you to have a wedding day like I had — a chaotic day full of stress and problems. My wedding would have been so much better had I hired a wedding planner to help me. And yours will be too if you hire a wedding planner to help you. It’s the best engagement gift you can give yourself and a small price to pay for your sanity!

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